Guest FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Things we get asked a lot!

What is Glamping?

It's glamorous camping. Glamping is often tents or pods, but here it is vintage vehicles. We provide bed linen, home comforts, private toilet and shower facilities. We provide a tea and coffee caddy and a local welcome box. You just need to bring your own bath towels. Glamping is escapism and taking a break from the stresses of everyday life!

Is it like it was on Telly?

It is the same field with the same vision, without all the added bells and whistles, which in our opinion makes it better. You can fully enjoy our dark sky status and peaceful area. There is no cinema screen or festoon lights. We have planted the field with native trees and created lovely seating areas for each vehicle. As COVID allows we may make some communal areas for guests to enjoy.

Why can't kids go in the Fire Truck?

The trailer was a really cool idea, but unfortunately does not meet the required health and safety requirements for guests. 

Where's your pizza van?

Our pizza van is located in Thruscross carpark just down the road and is run by Yorkshire Pizza Guy.

Why aren't you doing food onsite?

This year we want our guests to go out and support all the local pubs who have lost so much from the last year. We have had the benefit of the show and we want our guests to get out there and support our local community. We will start doing pizzas onsite from next year once we have got the hang of things!

Do I need to pay for my car?

One car is included in your booking. Extra vehicles are charged at £5 per night. If you haven't booked it onto your booking, you can pay for this when you arrive. 

Can I bring my own wood?

Sorry no. You can't bring wood. We provide you with some to get you going and you can buy more from us on-site. We like to have control over open fire. We use special compressed wood that is recycled and does not spark.

Can I bring a bbq?

Yes no problem as long as it is raised from the floor. We do sell disposable bbqs on site.

Do I need to drive?

Yes. There are no public transport links.

Can cars go on the field?

No cars on the glamping field. We have a small guest parking area. We have limited parking and extra vehicles will be £5 per night.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, free guest wifi is available onsite.

Are you COVID safe?

Yes we are. We are extremely fussy about things being clean and tidy. We are following the current government guidelines and are part of the Visit England Good to Go scheme. 

What about 2022 dates?

We are trying to make it through 2021 first! We are following COVID closely and will look at opening up next year in the Autumn. 

Whats onboard each vehicle?

Check out the vehicle description pages, it lists for you what us onboard each vehicle.

Are the horseboxes a long way away?

Each horsebox bathroom is conveniently located near to each vehicle.

Can I bring children?

The School Bus (Sleeps 5), Citroen (Sleeps 4) and Patricia (Sleeps 6) are suitable for families with children. 

Billy the Snail and the Fire Truck are suitable for couples (2) only. 

Is there anywhere for children to play?

We have a small play area on the campsite, children are welcome to play as long as they are fully supervised at all times.

Check in and out times?

Check in is from 16.00. Check out is from 11.00am.

Cooking on site?

We have bbq firepits for each vehicle. You get some wood to start you off and you can buy more from us if you wish. The vehicles have hobs for cooking, fridges, pots and pans. Simple camping food is best planned for your trip. 

Can I bring a dog?

The school bus and fire truck are dog friendly. 1 dog is welcomed on board each, charged at £15 each payable on arrival.

Does Johnny Live there?

No. Johnny lives in his native St Helens.

What's Johnny's involvement?

Johnny is proud owner of Patricia. The site is run by Breaks Fold Farm, which is a Yorkshire Water farm, tenanted by Richard and Louise Pullan. The field reflects a joint venture between us and the vehicle owners.

When is Johnny onsite?

We don't know when Johnny will be onsite, as he is super busy filming and doing Johnny things.

Whats the weather like?

We don't have a crystal ball! It is Yorkshire, it does rain and do Yorkshire things. Check out the weather apps. Bring suitable waterproofs and decent footwear.

Can I swim or boat on the reservoir?

No. Thruscross does not permit water activities but there are other things to do, check on the Yorkshire Water website.

How did this all come about?

Freedom camping club were helping Plum Pictures to find a willing site for Johnny, and we were it!

Are there animals?

Breaks Fold Farm is a traditional working hill farm. We have 300 sheep and 10 cows. There is usually something four legged to say hello to!

What is there to do in the area?

Check out the links page on the tabs. There are lots of things to do in the area.

How do I book camping?

Book here.

What's on site?

As well as the glamping we have a small basic campsite (no EHU), static caravan accommodation and we are currently renovating a holiday cottage. 

Can I visit?

At the current time we are not allowing any visitors on site due to COVID and to respect other guests privacy. Site visits are by appointment only.

Can I have visitors on site?

No. Sorry we are not allowing day visitors at this current time.


A white barn owl sat on a dry stone wall A Swaledale sheep with horns An aerial photo of Thruscross reservoir A photo of the campsite with tents in a green field and blue skies above A white labrador dog sat beside a reservoir